What to Wear – Sweden

Business Dress in Sweden
  • The general guideline, whether for formal or informal situations, is to dress “neat and clean”. Swedes all dress well, but most will not stand out.
  • The standard for an ordinary work day at the office is “business casual”, which can mean many things but doesn’t include jeans and khakis, t-shirts, shorts or short skirts, bare shoulders and low-cut tops.
  • On a normal day at the office, you will be unlikely to see men wearing suits or women in high heels; however, they do dress up for high-level business meetings.
  • When attending a business meeting, men should wear good quality suits. Women should wear either conservative business dresses or a suit.
  • Don’t wear anything too loud. Even senior directors or executives do not dress any more elaborately than average employees.
  • Bank and insurance employees tend to wear black or grey garments, while in other professions light and brighter colors are becoming more prevalent, especially during the summer months.
  • Avoid flashing any ostentatious jewelry.