Planning Your Trip – Sweden

  • If possible, avoid June, July, August, as well as late February through early March, as this is when most Swedes take their holidays. As with the rest of Europe, most Swedes are also absent during the Christmas season.
  • Try to book your appointment at least two weeks in advance, but don’t be surprised if your counterpart is booked for the next 3-4 weeks.
  • Business hours are from 8:15 or 9:00 to 17:00, Monday through Friday. Most people take about an hour for lunch between 11:15 and 13:30.
  • Business meetings should be scheduled after 9:00 and before 16:00.
  • Swedes don’t generally work on weekends, holidays or vacations. They do, however, sometimes take work home with them in the evening.
  • Send a draft agenda beforehand, or at least specify the questions you would like to discuss. This way, your host can prepare and make the most of the meeting.
  • When making an appointment try to indicate how long you expect your meeting to last, or otherwise ask the host how much time he or she has for you. If the meeting has a marked beginning and end, you will appear both polite and respectful.