Bilingual Vendor Manager

Love languages and cultures? Obsessed with details? Come join us at Zikit Translation Services, we are hiring a bilingual Vendor Manager at Zikit Translation Services. As Vendor Manager, you’ll work mostly at our offices in Tel-Aviv. You’ll manage personal and professional relationships with our growing linguist database and work closely with the rest of the … Continued

Short Answer: It Depends

Often we get asked general questions about translation.

In most cases, the answer will be: it depends.

Still, here are a few longer answers to general questions I encounter on a daily basis. Have any other questions? Feel free to ask in the comments.


מתרגמת לערבית ספרותית- עבודה במשרדנו בתל אביב לפרטים לחצו כאן מתרגמים עצמאיים לעבודה מהבית לחצו כאן להגשת מועמדות

Gestures and Body Language in Brazil

The O.K. hand signal a rude gesture in Brazil To express appreciation, a Brazilian may appear to pinch his earlobe between thumb and forefinger To invoke good luck, place your thumb between your index an middle finders while making a fist. This is also known as the “fig” Flicking the fingertips underneath the chin indicates … Continued