Business Attire in China

· It is generally recommended to wear conservative colored suits and ties. Very colorful clothing is considered inappropriate. · Women should wear suits or relatively conservative, non-revealing dresses. · Chinese culture is quite conservative, and most women wear flat shoes. This is especially important if you are taller than your host. · It is customary … Continued

General Business Etiquette in China

The Chinese are very precise. Do not be late to meetings. It is customary to shake hands in China, but wait for your local counterpart to initiate. Keep eye contact while conversing. Not keeping eye contact may lead to not being trusted. The Chinese tend to do business with people they know and trust. It … Continued

Outside Business Hours – Sweden

Most restaurants do not require a tie for men, although upscale restaurants do require both men and women to dress well. While it is rare to be invited for a breakfast meeting, business lunch and dinner is a more widespread practice. Keep in mind, however, that it is not always the right time to make … Continued

Negotiating in Sweden

Stay cool and control during negotiations and do not demonstrate emotions. Decisions are rarely made “on the spot”. All team members are usually involved in decision making, so speak to everyone at the meeting, instead of just addressing the leaders. “Consensus” is a buzz word in a Swedish meeting. Even if it is just for … Continued

Planning Your Trip – Sweden

If possible, avoid June, July, August, as well as late February through early March, as this is when most Swedes take their holidays. As with the rest of Europe, most Swedes are also absent during the Christmas season. Try to book your appointment at least two weeks in advance, but don’t be surprised if your … Continued