Negotiating in Brazil

Brazilians behave naturally and spontaneously in meetings, and business meetings normally begin with casual small talk. Never start business discussions before your host does It is important to create trust and a strong personal relationship in order to build a long lasting partnership. It can also be helpful to have a reference from a mutual … Continued

Communication in Brazil

Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, but in the business environment English is widely used and undertood. Brazilian communication is complex, and includes many elements of verbal and non-verbal communication, as well as vast use of body language. Brazil is a collectivist society which places family at high importance. This is also evident in … Continued

Business Dress in Brazil  

Brazilians are quite fashion conscious. It is important to dress smartly and conservatively. The way you dress reflects on you and the company you represent It is customary for businessmen in Brazil’s professional environment to wear a suit and tie Three-piece suits carry an “executive” connotation, whereas two-piece suits are associated with office workers Avoid … Continued

Brazil Business Etiquette

Be prepared to commit long term resources (both in time and money) toward establishing strong relationships in Brazil. This is the key to business success When planning your trip, check for local vacations and holidays. The greatest official holiday in Brazil is the Carnaval, and it lasts five days Business hours normally begin between 8:30 … Continued

Brazil: More than Just Carnivals

Being the most prominent country in South America, a huge democracy that is today considered one of the fastest emerging economies (BRIC), Brazil also has a diverse history that led to its being one of the richest cultures in the world. It constitutes an interesting mix between the Indians, Portuguese and Africans that inhibited the … Continued